About Agro Pest Control

Having spent 14 years in the AZ Pest Control Industry, We understand the importance of quality pest control and have developed a passion for it. Throughout the years we have seen almost everything you can imagine in homes, many of which are harmful to the health of the residents. From a massive roach infestation to destructive termites, to an infestation of those infamous scorpions, no pest problem is unfixable. Some “pest professionals” will tell you that certain problems can only be contained and not eradicated, but that is simply not true.

We started Agro Pest Control to ELIMINATE your pest problems and do so in a professional, friendly, and safe manner. On top of all the knowledge and expertise we gained over the years, we developed relationships with the top pesticide manufacturers, which means we have access to the safest and most effective products and methods on the market. These products combined with proper application techniques and practices are proven to take care of any pest you encounter.