7 Questions to Ask a Prospective Pest Control Service

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January 19, 2023

Pests are a nuisance. They can be dangerous, annoying, and just plain gross.

Pest control is an important service for anyone who wants to keep their home pest-free. But it’s not always easy to know what questions you should ask when looking for a pest control service near you.

When it's time to call a pest control contractor, it's important to prepare yourself with some key questions to help steer your decision in the right direction!

Read more to learn about the most important questions to ask your pest control service here.

Question 1: What Is Your Pest Control Service Approach?

When you ask this question, the contractor should be able to explain how they approach pest control in your area. Pest services and their professionals work in several different ways to exterminate pests.

Some use preventive methods while others focus on chimicals. Pesticides are something to be careful with because they can harm both animals and people if not handled properly. Pest control services that use chemicals should be licensed and insured as well to protect their clients in case something goes wrong.

Figure out what is best for your home and everyone living in it. Have this list of expectations top of mind when you start talking to pest control companies. It will help make things run a lot smoother.

Question 2: How Much Will Pest Control Cost Me?

Many factors determine the cost of pest control, so be sure to ask about their policies and procedures. Pest control services can vary in price depending on your location, but they should have an estimate ready when you ask how much it will cost for their service.

Pests are different every year and there is no way to know exactly what type of pest you have. Pest control companies should be able to give you an estimate based on past experiences dealing with other clients in the same area.

Pest control prices depend on the size of your property, the type of pest control done, and how many technicians are required.

Question 3: How Long Will Pest Control Take?

All pest control services work at their own pace, so you should be prepared to ask the company how long it will take. Pest control is something that can’t happen overnight and any reputable company should give you a rough estimate on how long it should take them to come out and finish your job. That's why it's important to have a plan for what to do before and after pest control.

Pests are not easy to get rid of, so your pest control service will want to come out a few times and make sure they are fully removed. Pests can lay eggs, which means there can be more in your home and you need to get them all before they hatch.

Pest control takes time because not all methods work immediately. Pests have different behaviors and habits, so you should ask your pest control service what they are using to get rid of the pests in your home.

Question 4: What Pests Can You Kill?

You may not know what kind of pests you have until it’s too late, but pest control services can tell by the damage done. Pests do different types of damage to homes and property, so asking this question will help you prevent future problems.

Pest control contractors should be able to tell you what pests they can help you with and where they are located. Pests such as mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and termites have the potential to cause some severe damage to a home.

If you aren’t sure which pest is in your property or area, pest control professionals can inspect your home or space and find out what is causing the problem.

Question 5: What Pesticides Will You Use?

Pesticides are a form of poison meant to kill pests. Pest Control should be licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency so that they know how to handle pests safely and pesticides effectively.

The pest control service should not use pesticides if you have young children, pets, or pregnant women in your home. Pest control services should have a policy in place on how pesticides are used in homes with children so that pesticides are not used inappropriately or unnecessarily.

Question 6: What Is Your Pest-Control Guarantee?

Pests can quickly reappear after pest control service leaves, so you should always ask for a guarantee from pest control services.

They should be able to tell you how long their treatment lasts, and how long it may take for pests to reappear. Just keep in mind that pesticides can sometimes take a few months or more for the pests it was meant to eradicate.

Policies around pest control guarantees should be one of the first questions you ask a prospective pest control service. Pest control companies can potentially offer different guarantees depending on the pests that they are killing.

This gives you and your family more peace of mind moving forward.

Question 7: What’s Your Refund Policy?

You should make sure that your pest control service has a clear refund policy. Their refund policies depend on how much time the pest control service has spent on your property and what happened after pest control left your home.

Most pest control services will offer a refund if they cannot eliminate the pests in your home, but you should always ask. The last thing you want is to be stuck with an expensive bill and an unsatisfactory experience.

Finding Pest Control Near Me

Knowing what to ask a prospective pest control service is important when answering the question: "What is the best pest control near me?"

Hopefully, this blog gives you a bit more confidence when picking up that phone and looking for quotes.

And now that you have a better understanding of what questions to ask, get in touch with Agro Pest Control for a free home inspection.