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October 19, 2022

Living or doing business in Arizona entails that you have to protect your property from many pests, including termites.

Termites can cause significant damages to a home or a building. And when you leave an infestation unchecked in any property you own, you risk permanent damage.

Termites also leave a dust-like mess that can be highly combustible. So when they create a nest near electricals, they can cause a fire in your home or building.

That’s why when you are in Phoenix or any other city in Arizona, it is crucial that you implement preventive measures and solutions for termites.

So you need regular maintenance to stop termites from causing damages that can cost you a lot of money. And you should find the quickest and most effective solution as soon as you discover an infestation on your property.

If you know how to DIY your way against termites and their damages, that’s great. But most people don’t have the experience, time and tools to do the job.

Sometimes the property can be too big or an infestation too complex for a DIY-er to do. And for most, it’s simply inconvenient to go DIY when you can hire an expert to do it for you.

So the best solution for you can be hiring a termite control company. But since termite infestation has the potential to cost you so much more when unsolved properly, you need the best service available.

You want to guarantee that your contractor will effectively get rid of the termites and prevent them from coming back, ever.

Here are 7 tips for finding the best termite control company in Phoenix, Az.

  1. Only consider local pest control in Arizona.
  2. Ensure that they implement elimination and prevention.
  3. Get a pest control that specializes in termites.
  4. It would be best if they also knew to deal with other pests.
  5. Check online reviews and testimonies about the company.
  6. Ask clients in your neighborhood about their service.
  7. Get a free inspection so you can personally gauge them.

1: Only consider local pest control in Arizona.

When looking for a pest control company for your home or building, you need someone who can come to you the soonest when an emergency arises. So it would be best to hire pest control near you.

You can also guarantee that they are legally allowed to operate in your area. Plus, they have more experience in dealing with pests and properties in your neighborhood.

So if you live in Phoenix, Az, you need to hire only local pest control.

With local pest control, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following benefits.

  • They can come quickly to solve your immediate pest problems, no matter the hour.
  • They can conveniently visit your home on a regular basis for preventive maintenance.
  • They are licensed, certified and accredited to operate in your locality.
  • They implement safety standards that are required of them by the local government.
  • They are careful not to make a bad reputation in your local community because one mishap can ruin everybody’s trust in them.
  • It is simple to find out if they do quality work or not by asking your neighbors and checking online reviews
  • They have the local experience when it comes to pests and types of properties.

So with a local service provider, it can be significantly easy to assess their quality of work. And when you hire them, they can serve you more conveniently because they are part of your community.

2: Ensure that they implement elimination and prevention plans.

When looking to hire a pest control company, make sure that you are not getting service from a company that only does traditional elimination.

Traditional pest eliminators simply come in, remove what can be seen, and leave. But pests like termites are animals that can leave their brood after elimination procedures.

So if you don’t have preventive solutions against termites on your property, there’s a significant chance that they’ll come back.

Of course, having to pay for elimination, again and again, is not the best thing. So what you need is a company that will remove immediate termite infestations and implement preventive methods that will ensure they don’t come back.

For example, you want a termite pest control company that is licensed to use Termidor®, a termiticide that not all service providers are allowed to use. With this termiticide, our company, Agro Pest Control, can ensure that there will be no infestation in your property all year round.

3: Get a pest control that specializes in termites.

Not all pest control service providers specialize in the elimination and prevention of termites. Some companies specialize in restaurant pests like cockroaches and flies, and others.

So as soon as you get in touch with a pest control provider, you have to see to discover whether they do services against termites.

Best Termite Control Company in Phoenix, AZ

4: It would be best if they also knew to deal with other pests.

Your termite pest control company should also know to deal with other pests. This ensures that when they come to your house to deal with termites but also discover other pests in your property, you won’t have to contact someone else to deal with the other animals.

You don’t want to pay more for overhead with two companies working on a problem that can be solved by one.

You want a one-stop-shop pest control provider that can solve all of your potential pest problems. It’s simply convenient for you to only be dealing with one contractor.

So get a pest control service that knows how to deal with all of the pests of Phoenix and more.

5: Check online reviews and testimonies about the company.

The public can be a reliable source of information about whether a pest control company satisfies clients with their service. And one of the indicators you might want to consider are online reviews and testimonies.

But take online evidence with a grain of salt because you have a more reliable source with the people in your community.

6: Ask clients in your neighborhood about their service.

Often, you wouldn’t be the first client a local pest control company has serviced in your neighborhood. So if you want to make sure that a contractor is worth hiring, it would be best for you to ask around.

Ask your neighbors if they have had experience with a contractor and find out if the service was exemplary or not.

7: Get a free inspection so you can personally gauge them.

First of all, If the company you are considering offers free inspection for new clients, that’s already a plus point. This indicates that they are confident that they can show you the right solutions upfront and are willing to discuss the service they will offer you.

And when they come to your home or business place to do a free inspection, you’ll be able to personally have a feel of the contractor. Then you can see for yourself whether you would like to hire them or not.


If you live in Phoenix, Az, and are in need of a pest control service provider, check out our company, Agro Pest Control. If you want to see whether we can do the job for you, we can come to your home or property to do a free inspection.  

But if your situation needs immediate attention, you can call us via 480-780-2476 for expedited service to remove your termites ASAP.