What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Pest Control Service

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Commercial Pest Control
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October 19, 2022

As a business owner or manager, you know how essential it is to provide your customers and employees with a clean and healthy workplace or place of business. Unfortunately, sometimes even the cleanest buildings can attract unwanted guests. Pest and rodents often find their way into commercial buildings in search of shelter, food, and water.

Does your property currently have a pest infestation? Don't panic. A commercial pest control service can help you.

With the help of professionals, your commercial building will be pest-free, and you'll be worry-free. Before you hire a pest control service, however, it's important to know what to look for in a company. You deserve only the best services possible, and we're here to help you find them.

Continue reading the guide below for a list of several factors to consider when looking to hire pest control services.

Experience and Reputation

One of the first things you want to look at is the company's experience. How many years of experience does the company have in treating commercial properties for pests and rodents? Remember, a commercial pest control service is much different than a residential one and the company you choose should know how to specifically handle commercial properties or both.

A company with years of experience will know how to handle a variety of situations in a professional and correct manner. If a situation were to arise during the treatment process, then they'll know how to tackle it. The company's reputation is also important.

Their reputation tells you what type of quality services the company provides to its customers. Reading online reviews can give you a good insight into what to expect from a company. What are past clients saying?

Were they happy with the results, and would they recommend the company to others? Then, ask the company to send you a few references if possible. Contact each one and ask questions about their satisfaction with the services provided.

You can also look to friends and family members for referrals to a good pest control service they've used in the past.

Services Offered

You should then consider the type of services offered. Keep in mind that not all pest control services will offer the same type of pest control. Start by knowing what kind of pest control services you need.

Do you know what types of pests have invaded your commercial property? Can the pest control service rid your property of those particular pests? For example, if you've spotted a few scorpions in the building, does the pest control service have the proper knowledge, training, and products required to rid a building of scorpions?

Know what you need and then make sure you know what the company can provide.

License and Insurance

License and insurance are important for any reputable business to have. A business license shows that a pest control service is legitimate and has gone through all the legal steps to ensure they can provide pest control services to you. You can ask the company to show you their license if desired.

Then, ask to see proof of insurance as well. Insurance is important for both you and the pest control company. Insurance is put in place to protect you and the company in case of an accident or injury.

The insurance will cover all associated costs and prevent someone from being held responsible.

Skilled and Trained Technicians

Now you'll want to do some research on the technicians. Are the pest control technicians skilled and trained to use and handle all equipment, tools, and products associated with pest control services? Experienced technicians will ensure proper treatment.

The technicians should also have knowledge of pest biology and their breeding habits. When they know about the different types of pests and their behaviors, this helps them to efficiently remove them from your property and prevent them from coming back. Don't hesitate to ask the pest control service about the type of experience and training the technicians have.

Customer Service Provided

The type of customer service provided to you as a customer is a big factor to keep in mind. You want a pest control service that's able to explain your pest situation to you. You should feel knowledgeable about the pests yourself after speaking with a technician.

You should also feel confident in knowing how to prevent them from coming back and what to look for in early signs of a new infestation as well. When you contact the company, how quickly are you responded back to? Do you feel the company cares about teaching you about pest control and helps create a customized pest control plan for your property?

Unless you're a trained professional yourself, it's not expected of you to know how to remove pests from your property. Find a company that's patient and willing to keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Cost of Services

The cost of services is one of the last factors to consider during your search. Wait until you've considered all of the factors listed below and have narrowed down your pest control company options to your top choices before factoring in the cost.

Once you've done that, you can then consider your pest control budget and compare prices to find a reputable company that offers the best price!

It's time to Find a Reputable Commercial Pest Control Service

Now that you know what to look for in a commercial pest control service, it's time to find a reputable company you can trust! At Agro Pest Control, we've been in business since 2015. We are local experts and family-owned and operated.

We provide friendly customer service and create customized pest control plans for each customer. If you believe you could benefit from our pest control services, then be sure to request a free inspection today to get the process started!