Pest Control Vs Exterminator: The Difference

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November 4, 2022

Since you are reading this article, you want to get rid of the pest infestation in your home. However, a critical question here is, whom should you call - a pest control company or an exterminator?

The following guide explains the difference between the operations and the services offered by exterminators and pest control.

Both have a common goal of getting rid of pests and insects; however, there is a great deal of difference between the two, which you’ll find here:

  1. What is pest control?
  2. Everything about a pest exterminator
  3. Primary objective differences
  4. Methodology changes
  5. Respective domain knowledge
  6. Client relationship
  7. Long-term vs Short-term

Pest infestation is a nightmare for any household. That’s why we must invest in short-term and long-term pest control services depending on the extent of the infestation.

What Is Pest Control?

Pest Control Vs Exterminator

As the name suggests, pest control services focus on the root cause of the pest infestation. Next, they devise a strategy to eliminate the existing pest infestation and prevent it from happening in the future.

The pest control services have the task of identifying the correct pest control method to prevent pest infestation in the future.

One of the most critical roles pest control services play is to change the existing conditions that attract pests. Other services include:

  • Assessment - The pest control service performs a comprehensive initial assessment and evaluation to understand the nature and spread of the pest infestation. This way, they can offer a customized solution to eliminate the infestation and prevent future problems.
  • Access blocking - The pest control services evaluate the entry points for pests, such as cracked walls, ceilings, AC vents, and sliding doors. Next, they block all access to prevent pest population growth. 
  • Chemical treatment - Finally, pest control services use odor-free and environmental-friendly chemicals without any severe effect on human health to eliminate pests.

Everything About Pest Exterminators

Pest Control Vs Exterminator

The exterminators usually offer temporary support or relief in getting rid of a pest problem. They have powerful tools and chemicals to eliminate an entire population of pests breeding in a given area.

For instance, exterminators can use simple pesticides to kill certain pesticides, such as cockroaches. Also, they can set up traps to kill some pests. Finally, they can use heat extermination to eliminate an entire population of pests.

However, the exterminators don’t ensure long term solutions. In other words, there are chances of the pest infestation to reoccur in the future.

Notably, the chemicals and methods used by exterminators are generally industrial-strength.

It’s best to call the exterminator if you want an instant and fast method to kill or remove the pests, such as mice or yellow jackets. If the pest infestation is out of control, the exterminators can eliminate the existing pest population.

Primary Objective Differences

Pest Control Vs Exterminator

Pest control services offer a long-term solution to pest infestation, while exterminators offer temporary relief.

Second, pest control doesn’t use chemicals that are harmful and toxic to humans, pets or the environment. Of course, the safety of the environment and humans is also a concern to exterminators as they focus on eliminating the pest population.

Methodology Changes

Pest Control Vs Exterminator

Pest control services do evaluation and assessment to understand the pest infestation at hand before implementing an effective solution. Also, pest control is ongoing; they use non-toxic and odorless chemicals to prevent pest infestation.

Conversely, exterminators use intense insecticides, commercial pesticides, and chemical sprays to kill the existing pest population. Also, it’s usually a one-time job and doesn’t require prior assessment or post-preventive techniques.

Respective Situational Knowledge

Pest Control Vs Exterminator

Pest control is of longer duration to eliminate, control, and prevent pest infestation.

That’s why the professionals should be experts with thorough knowledge of different types of pests and their respective control techniques. Also, they must understand the different types of environments required for the growth of pests.

Pest control professionals undergo recurrent training regarding latest trends by attending seminars and training:

  • Pest Behavior
  • Latest pest preventive technology
  • Favorable environment
  • Climatic changes affecting pest population

On the other hand, exterminators don’t need to have in-depth knowledge about the technology and how different pests thrive. All they need to know is the type of pest and the total infestation. For the rest, they can use chemicals to kill the pest population; that’s it.

Client Relationship

Pest Control Vs Exterminator

Pest control services develop long-term relationships with the clients by offering effective pest control solutions. One of the primary goals of pest control services is to eliminate the root cause of the pest infestation from the property.

In such cases, the pest control services are compassionate towards the homeowners.

Conversely, the exterminators visit the property once to eliminate the pest infestation. They don’t guarantee that the pest infestation won’t return in the future.

Finally, the exterminators use harsh chemicals that can damage the property and lead to severe odor within the home.

Long-term vs Short-term

Pest Control Vs Exterminator

The pest control method starts with the initial assessment and evaluation. Next, the services offer a solution and a preventive plan to minimize pest re-infestation in the future.

Pest control is a relatively long-term process that requires continuous monitoring and improvement of pest infestation preventive techniques.

Since pest control is a long-term process, it requires ongoing investment.

Alternatively, the exterminators perform a one-time job to kill the pests by using a chemical spray. Hence, it’s a short-term and cheaper solution.

Expectation From Pest Control Services

If you don’t want to compromise the health and safety of your family, it’s essential to control the pest infestation. Before the pest infestation gets out of hand, it’s best to call pest control.

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Pests are a part of the ecosystem, so we can’t eliminate them permanently. However, we can control and prevent pest infestations in our homes by expert evaluation of the existing environment and updating pest control techniques periodically.

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