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October 14, 2022

Pigeons are interesting for bird-watching, but they can be bothersome to humans.

To begin with, their droppings, also known as guano, are acidic, so it can corrode and damage materials. They also carry diseases that may be harmsul to humans.

Moreover, pigeon droppings are a habitat for airborne spores for histoplasmosis, a fungus disease that can be transmitted to humans. 

When their droppings accumulate, they produce objectionable odor and destroy vegetation. 

Studies show that a flock of 100 pigeons can produce about 4,800 pounds of guano annually. 

These birds need to be controlled without harming them, ensuring that they are in the right places.

If you want to find out how to get rid of pigeons, keep reading. 

9 Tips on How You Can Get Rid of Pigeons Fast

  1. Use an ultrasound pigeon repeller
  2. Install a "scare-pigeon."
  3. Use reflective surfaces to deter pigeons
  4. Install anti-roosting spikes
  5. Apply a pigeon repellent gel to roosting areas
  6. Install a motion-activated sprinkler
  7. Test out a bird shock tape
  8. Install a weatherproof string
  9. Eliminate food source

Tip No. 1: Use an Ultrasound Pigeon Repeller

Pigeons, like other birds, are very sensitive to sound. Their sharp ears can detect calls from other birds and alert them in case of danger or draw them to food.

To get rid of them, you must utilize this feature to your advantage. An ultrasound pigeon repeller emits sounds made by predators and birds' distress calls.

The ultrasound propeller usually has pre-recorded sounds that you can mix to make them sound natural. 

When the pigeons hear this, they will think your house is a dangerous area and evade it.

However, this method may not work immediately; hence you must implement it consistently, and soon you will see the birds getting away.

Tip No. 2: Install a "scare-pigeon"

Pigeons are food for bigger birds like hawks and falcons. However, it is not possible to 'hire' these birds for them to scare away the pigeons.

There is only one thing you can do - get a 3D life-size falcon or hawk with sounds that will scare away the pigeons. 

Remember to be smart and move the model around so that the pigeons do not realize it is fake when the model stays in one place for too long. Pigeons are extremely smart.

Tip No. 3: Use reflective surfaces to deter pigeons

Have you been disgusted at the site of pigeons pooping all over your roof? Simply look for any object that is a reflector. 

Generally, all birds get irritated by bright light flashes because the prism effect leaves them feeling disoriented.

This tip is easy to implement because anything available in your house that reflects light can be used.

These may include old CDs, outdoor reflective tape, aluminum foil straps, and tiny mirrors. 

Place them hanging on the roofs or the areas where pigeons often visit. With time, the reflections will scare them away.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Tip No. 4: Install anti-roosting spikes

You can also make pigeons stay away from your ledges by using anti-roosting spikes.

This method prevents the pigeons from getting any foothold; they will always stay away. 

The anti-roosting spikes are made of durable plastic with minimal maintenance. It is also clear hence it will not interfere with the beauty of your home.

Tip No. 5: Apply a pigeon repellent gel to roosting areas

Once you have identified the area where pigeons visit often, you have to find a way to prevent them from coming to that place.

Invest in pigeon repellent that will chase away the pigeons. The repellant comes in a gel that you apply in dots or lines in the region frequented by the pigeons. 

It usually makes the surface sticky, and once the pigeons realize this, they will vacate the place immediately. They don't like substances sticking to theie feet.

Tip No. 6: Install a motion-activated sprinkler

Another humane way of getting rid of pigeons is installing a motion-activated sprinkler near the regions they visit the most.

The sprinkler will keep the pigeons away and keep your garden watered consistently. It utilizes a combination of movement, water, and sound to scare the pigeons.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons

The movement of the sprinkler can be directed upwards and reach up to 40ft away.

Tip No. 7: Test out a bird shock tape

A bird shock tape, like its name, delivers a shock hence scaring the birds away.

The tape can conduct electricity, and it is installed by peeling and sticking it to the required surface and smoothing it out.

You will then charge it, and after that, it will be ready for use. Once they land on the tape, the pigeons will receive a short electrical shock, scaring away.

Tip No. 8: Install a weatherproof string

A weatherproofing string is an almost invisible string stretched over the pigeons' favorite perching spots.

The pigeons will likely grab the string with their claws and find themselves reeling unexpectedly. 

Remember to check the string often to ensure it is still standing and has not been cut.

Tip No. 9: Eliminate food sources

You might have tried all the above methods, but the pigeons returned. If this is the case, there might as well be something keeping them interested in your home.

One strong motivator that may keep pigeons coming back is food. They are strongly attracted to berries, fruits, beans, seeds, and grains. 

Snails and other earthworms are also occasional food for pigeons and trash bins with human food.

Eliminating all these food sources will prevent pigeons from flying around your roofs and balcony, and eventually, they will flee for good.

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You need trained technicians who will come and give the pigeons a new home and take them away from yours.

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