3 Main Reasons You Need Wood Destroying Insect Inspection In Phoenix, AZ

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October 17, 2022

One of the most common problems with housing is pests. Every climate and every country has pests which invade your living spaces.

When you own a home, ongoing prevantative maintenance is an important part of protecting your investment. 

If you live in a concrete house, you should invest in winter care, and regular upkeep to ensure the house stays in good shape.

On the other hand, a wooden house needs to be protected from pests, have durable wood and be protected from harsh environmental conditions.

In this blog, we will be discussing why you need a wood-destroying insect inspection in Phoenix, AZ. You might wonder why you have pests in your house in the first place?

Most pests love quick access to nesting sites, food and water. You will be prone to carpenter bees if you have lowering vegetation as they are after pollen and nectar.

On the other hand, pests like carpenter ants feed on sugars, proteins, scales and aphids. If a full trash can is lying around, carpenter ants will make their way there.  

According to the Structural Pest Control Committee, the Form No. WDIR 100 is used to report the presence or absence of wood-destroying insects in any house or structure meant for sale.

The report can only be made and issued by authorised individuals specialising in pest control.

If your house is infested with pests, you may want to do it yourself and terminate the pests. However, if you live in Phoenix, AZ, you will need a wood destroying insect inspection. 

How do you know the telltale signs that pests have infested your house?

Signs of Termites in a Wooden House

  • Presence of rotten wood.
  • Termite debris around the house.
  • Presence of holes chewed in wood.
  • Unusual sounds on the walls.
  • Windows and doors that are unable to shut.

Now that you have known the signs indicating the presence of pests in your wooden house. You need to have a wood-destroying insect inspection.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Here are 3 Things to do if you think you have an infestation:

  1. Conduct a visual inspection of the house.
  2. Report evidence of wood-destroying insects to a licensed expert.
  3. Report the conditions aiding in the growth of the insects.

No. 1: Conduct a Visual Inspection of the House

A wood-destroying insect inspection is done if you have suspicions that insects have infested your house.

The licensed inspector will visit your house and conduct a visual inspection of all areas in the building that are accessible. 

These include areas adjacent to slab regions in contact with masonry walls. They will also check areas that are susceptible to wood-destroying insects.

For the inspection to be properly done, the homeowner should allow the pest control operator to check the interior and exterior areas of the building.

They will inspect the inaccessible areas such as floor coverings, under the carpet and inside the walls. 

As the home owner, the inspection enables you to know the specific areas that have been infested by the pests so that proper treatment can begin.

No. 2: Report the Evidence of Wood Destroying Insects

Once the pest control operator has thoroughly checked the house, they will indicate the pests found in the structure. 

Some of the insects likely to be found include termites, powder post beetles, old house borers, carpenter bees and even carpenter ants. 

When the pest control operator knows the type of insect infesting your house, they can also recommend the appropriate control method. 

No. 3: Reporting the Conditions Aiding the Growth of Pests

Once the type of pests infesting the home has been established, the pest control operator also needs to report the conditions for the growth of the pests.

In most cases, infestations occur where wood is making direct soil contact, excessively wet wood and cellulose debris under the structure causes the growth.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Other conditions that will be listed are the presence of wood-decaying fungi, insufficient clearance between the soil and wood membranes, and improper grading.

What happens if evidence of wood-destroying insects is found?

If the pest control operator finds any presence of wood-destroying insects, they must report it to the wood destroying insect inspection. 

Afterwards, they will submit an estimate to treat the structure and remove the pest infestation.

The type of treatment depends on various factors, including the type of insect found, degree of the infestation, evidence of previous treatment, and if there is a need for a warranty.

For instance, the treatment of wood-boring beetles, old house borers and powder post beetles is done by applying liquid insecticide to the infected wood.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Other methods that can be used are controlling moisture in the wood and fumigation, which is usually the last resort and rarely recommended. 

A homeowner living in Phoenix, AZ, must have a detailed report of the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection.

This is important in making decisions about the house and the real estate purchase.

According to Form No. WDIR 100, the report must be done as per the law and read carefully by all the concerned parties before purchases are made.

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Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

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