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October 17, 2022

Studies have shown that 3 out of 5 homesteads in Arizona have pigeons. To some, it may not seem like an issue especially when you look at how fun it is to feed them.

However, pigeons are invasive birds and if left uncontrolled they can cause a lot of damage.

The sight of a bird on a tree in your backyard might not look like a pest. However, you will feel different if these creatures make nests on your roof and walls.

Bird removal may look like an easy task, but it is a delicate process that requires qualified individuals to conduct. 

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, you need to hire the right bird removal service but finding the right one might be challenging. 

You have to look for various things when picking a bird removal service. However, look no further because we have the right pick for you.

Read on to discover why Agro Pest Control is the bird removal service provider you need to hire in Phoenix, AZ.

Who is Agro Pest Control?

Agro Pest Control is a family-owned pest control service provider in Phoenix, AZ. Michael Holly and his brother Logan began the company.

They provide various services, including pest control, organic pest control services, scorpion exclusion, blacklight, termites, bees, commercial pest control, german roaches, bed bugs and weeds.

You will enjoy the services of Agro Pest Control.

Agro Pest’s Bird Control Process

The most common birds that nest on roofs and walls in Phoenix, AZ, are pigeons. 

Regardless of where they are in your home or business, you should get rid of them immediately, and Agro Pest will do all the work for you. Piegons are birds of habbit, and once they nest on your house, they will be back year after year if you don't break the cycle early on.

After they identify the location of the birds, their bird removal experts will remove them carefully in a humane manner.

They will also determine any damage the birds have caused to your home or business and then provide you with a treatment plan.

What are the Bird Control Treatments used by Agro Pest?

The bird removal service by Agro Pest begins with removing all the birds from the affected region.

They will seal all the openings or ledges the birds were using, then clean, sanitize and wash the area as they remove the bird droppings. 

This is a crucial step because if not done correctly, the birds will return due to the presence of pheromones. 

A commonly used method by Agro Pest Control is the installation of bird spikes and bird wire to prevent perching.

They may also install solar guards to seal the solar panels without affecting their warranty.

Agro Pest Bird Control Warranty

Did you know that when you utilize the services of Agro Pest Bird Control, they will provide you with a pigeon control guarantee for one year under their pest bird control services?

Yes, you read that right! Moreover, you will also get a free inspection from them and afterwards, they will advise on the proper method to remove the birds from your home. 

You can also call them anytime to inquire about bird control, and they will be more than willing to ensure you are a satisfied customer.

Why Bird Control?

Every year, many funds go into cleaning the mess left by urban birds. Did you know that birds' faeces is acidic and corrodes surfaces?

In 2007, a Minnesota bridge accident was directly caused by bird droppings corroding the metal bridge supports until they became weak.

Moreover, their nesting materials are flammable, and when they establish themselves on machinery or electrical signs, there is a risk of fire.

These nestings can also block ventilation systems hence preventing exhaust of harmful gases. 

Before looking for a bird control service, it is vital to know the types of birds that need to be removed and how many they are. 

This is because it determines the method used to eradicate them.

The droppings of birds and nesting materials contain more than 50 ectoparasites and diseases that can easily be transmitted to humans. 

If they are not removed promptly, they clog drainages and gutters, increasing the risk of flooding.

Tips to Deter Pigeons

Pigeons are the most common birds in Arizona, and there are various things you can do to ensure that they never return to your home. Some of them include: 

  • Not feeding the pigeons no matter what.
  • Screening the gutters and drains to make them less attractive to the pigeons.
  • Keeping areas around the garbage can clean at all times.
  • Eliminate any water sources, such as kiddy pools, over-watered lawns and birdbaths.

Remember that pigeons are highly social birds, and once they get comfortable in a particular place, it will be hard to chase them away.

Call Agro Pest Control Today!

There are a variety of bird control services in the Arizona region. Hence it is always necessary to consult the right one.

The service provider has to be reliable and authentic in providing the services they claim to offer. 

Are you on the search for one of the best bird control services in Phoenix, AZ? Agro Pest Control is just a call away.

Agro Pest Control understands that pests like birds are a common problem in the region of Arizona and that it affects numerous homeowners.

Agro Pest Control is the right pick if you are looking for a bird control service that utilises humane practices when getting rid of the birds. 

Aside from bird control, they also offer services to control pests, including rodents, cockroaches, termites, scorpions, ants, and bed bugs.

They have customised pest control plans depending on the type of bird you want to get rid of and their number. Regardless of your budget, they will have a service to offer.

Do you want Agro Pest Control to check your home for pests? Schedule your free inspection by calling 480-780-2476 today!